About me|Certified 500hr


(meaning ‘The Divine (Buddha/Awakening) Light within me honors the Divine Light within you.’)

I wish I could simply describe myself as: I AM, I just freakin’ am! (I wish I could say just that here:)

But for the sake of being human being in this manifested 3D realm, let me be humane and put it as below.

My full Thai name is ‘Photiruk Saengsawang‘ which literally translated as Awakening (Photi or Bohdi) Sustainer (ruk or rak) and Bright Light (Saeng-sawang). In short, you can call me ‘Bank’ (of Light:) as it’s the known nickname. Some people close to me call me “Breathe”.

I was told by my mom and grandmom that during the night of giving birth to me, my mom had a dream or vision seeing the bright light flashing down before her and then appeared to be a big belly Buddha laughing floating on the clouds in front of her. I used to run away from that esoteric stories and truth behind my real Thai name and last name but I always had to come back or rather was called to come back or else I would get sick and/or had a drama-filled life.

That’s why I have always felt connected to the Divine and spiritual, compassionate realm. I don’t feel belong to this harsh society, earthly realm growing up. Now I came to a realization that my real name meant something to this earthly realm. I was saved by Grace to do this Lightworker’s mission(s).

Earthly speaking, I began my yoga journey since 2007-2008 as a university student at Thammasat University. To make a long story short, I fell in love with yoga since then and began practicing in both hatha and ashtanga styles with the teacher there. I became her big fan and asked lots of questions after the classes finished. By the end of 2009, she asked me to cover a small class for her. With her help and trust, I started teaching some classes since then even without any modern-style, official certification.

After graduating from the university, I started a career as an IT staff in NGOs and ended up as an IT/marketing manager in an international school. During the summer break 2014, I flew to Rishikesh, India to finally get a proper training by Vinyasa Yoga Foundation for the whole intense month, 200RYT, approved by Yoga Alliance USA. (As of December 2018, I have been teaching more than 1,000 classes and workshops and would be able to get certified as experienced registered yoga teacher or E-RYT200 but I don’t believe in attaining certificates to make you a quality teacher anymore. It’s all about pure love energy embodiment 🙂

Later, I meditatively decided to give up my full time job as an IT manager to fully embrace my call to help ease humanity’s collective suffering, stress and pain via yoga and meditation.

Here I am, serving humanity, regardless of ages, genders and races, as a full-time yoga/meditation guide and teacher. I am deeply passionate about cleaning up the collective inner pollution as well as outer pollution of the world, and by extension, the whole Universe.

I am, or rather, WE are here to help enable the Divine’s purpose of the Universe to unfold. That’s how important WE are. (said ourselves in the form of Eckhart Tolle:)

#WorldPeace #WeAreOne #AwakenEvolveAndShine

I AM offering out…

  • Awakening Yoga/Meditation Workshop ~ Retreat (non-religious, just plain spiritual:)
  • Healing session with Pure love energy and sound healing via bamboo flute, singing bowl and RAV UFO Drum.
  • Private Meditation and/or Yoga Classes (1-8 people)
  • Kid’s Yoga & Movement with Spiderman (Brain and Mindfulness)
  • Fitness Yoga – Broga
  • Gymnastic Rings training
  • Healing Yoga (Unity) for Family ~ Marriage

“Changing the world from within. Soul by soul.”

“The external pollution would be dissolved after we collectively clean up the internal pollution.”

“If you have encountered me, are drawn to me, know that this would be the last time we physically manifest and visit this planet, to evolve, to transcend, and to shamelessly shine. May we take good care of each other’s soul, in Divine Love without any dramatic attachment.”

– Awakening Yoga
{ Awaken. Evolve. Shine. }

( ( ( LOVE & LIGHT ) ) )

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