Covid19 is A Great Teacher: Can’t do anything? Be still and re-member Human “Being”, not Human “Doing”

“Breathe deeply…

Relax your jaw and shoulders…

Open your palms…

If you can’t do anything productive, just BE.

Now is the timeless time to re-member that

You are a “human BEING”

Not just a “human doing” or “human thinking!”


Repeat after me,

“Wherever space I am walking to, breathing within, instead of feeling (just) my physical body moving through space, I am feeling the spacious presence of light around me and within me encapsulate me wherever I go and shine. May all living beings be touched by my light right every freakin NOW today.”

“ทุกที่(ว่าง) ที่คุณหายใจก้าวไปอยู่





ข้าพเจ้าสูดหายใจ และอนุญาต สนามพลังงานงานความรักนี้ได้โอบล้อมข้าพเจ้า

ณ. บัด NOW…”

And so it IS.

Amen ~ สาธุ 🙏🏽👐🏽✨🧬🤗💚💚💚

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