Sunrise Easter Meditation for a Humble & High Vibrational Living

Dear Beloved Awakening Souls,

Today, right freakin’ now, I am inspired and eternally grateful for “sungazing” practice of all creation appreciation, radiation of love and meditation.

I was raised religious Buddhist and then I became atheist and agnostic against every religions and only worship science especially AI programming and duality of binary code 0 and 1’s:)

For many now since my first awakening after darknight of the soul, by Grace, along with the gradual opening process to the religion I misunderstood and hate or spiritually allergic the most, Christianity, i re-member who i essentially am by piercing awakening of Light by the Ocean of Luminous Love. Thanks to the conscious awareness behind Jesus’ teaching of inclusive Love and Grace. To me, in my personal meditative experience, Buddha and Jesus met in my heart:’) The east and the west rivers of traditions, crown and root become nonduality merged into One ocean of Light. From the ONE Infinite Consciousness.

I AM and am not a Christian and Buddhist, Hindu and Yogi. Love and music is the universal language to us all.

Regardless your faith and pre-conditioned tradition, I welcome you hOMe to breathe deeply the universal force of grace, the Oxygen of Love, in and through your form with me. And if you feel led to sit still open your palms and meditate on these following material with me, please BE my guest. Otherwise, see you on the next yoga/Asana/samadhi post.

1. Book: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle & Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Naht Hahn

2. The Bible: Verses from Psalms: “Be still and kNOW that I AM …”

And Book of John chapter 15: “Abide in Love and Love abides in YOU. … You will do greater things than these. I AM always with you until the end of the age.”

3. Playing & meditatively listening to some esoteric Music with open heart and hands

“So Will I” by Benjamin Hashing

Inspired by “With Everything” Live in Miami by Hillsong”
Hallelujah Devition
Blissful Light I felt at the end of my Awakening chi Flow Meditation: Cosmic Orgasm with Divine Romance. I am loved piercingly. I Am enough.

Happy Easter, my dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

May YOU allow yourself to be open to LOVE. May the second coming of Christ Consciousness come hOMe back to your heart and piercingly overflow through you to all creation that your Spacious Maker had mad and it was and IS gooood:’)

You are loved, eternally.

You are enough.

I was created to love YOU, remind you

and your spacious existence matters.

Well come home.

Welcome home 💚🤗🥺🤗

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