FREE Gift: 8/8 Blissful Meditation + Yoga

Hello 8/8 (2019), my awakening yogis loves

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 9.49.28 PM.png
This is a free high-vibrational gift to YOU. Because I know and heard some of you miss me and my presence LIVE. หรือ donate via 2 channels below to ให้กำลังใจทำไลฟ์สด sponsor me to LIVE weekly.
Please breathe-fully donate a like, love, share the love forward to raise the collective vibration to #MeditateDaily instead of #masturbatedaily, nothing is wrong with that too, Grace whispers to me ;’)
***Also, if you feel loved, healing energy, more aligned from this FREE/LIVE class and feels like it is more high-vibrational than most class you paid in a studio drop-in, please consider small donation or sponsorship for me to keep it coming more weekly via
bank.lights at
PromptPay ID:
May all the abundance energy and peace be yours in the NOW.
คิดถึง และ รักมาก
Unconditionally yours,
B. Light Saengsawang

Here’s the FREE LIVE VDO ~ 70min Session (30min Meditation 10min Intro with RAV Drum Handpan)

Buy Me a Coffee at

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