5 Stages of Awakening (Yoga) | #WokeAF, Really?

ไม่มีใครสูงกว่าใครใน quantum field of Awakening Union/Yoga

5 Stages of #SpiritualAwakening #WokeAF, or not! Or Really? 🤫🤔🤗💚💚💚

Really??? 🤔😘🤗

Featured in ‘my’ upcoming first book #AwakeningYogaBook #DeeperThanAsana (is it really mine? Who the F am I, me?⁣)
⁣ ⁣
You “think” you are woke and spiritually more calm and more superior than most now?⁣


What if I (my ego) tell you (or yours, ONE collective ego), that if you think you are wokeAF you are not really f-ing woke at all. (Feel that anger tricker, spiritual test?;)⁣


Stage 1 WOKE: Think it woke af⁣

You kinda woke in meditations/yoga/reiki/⁣
dark night of the soul. You ‘think’ you are woke af and spiritually higher than others.⁣

Stage 2: Preaching Passion⁣

Then, off the mat, off-meditation, you have a mission ⁣
to preach and tell/shout to others ⁣
how to be still, to shut up,⁣
eat organic, drink green tea green juice, #raw, ⁣#vegan, meditate, do #yoga & even force them how to do life…⁣

Stage 3: Deepening Stage⁣

More meditation, more presence & healing light and -higher- deeper wisdom downloaded…⁣

Stage 4: Inclusivity and Grace⁣

You have become more inclusive, observe without judgment and sense of separation… you see everyONE as your Self wholeheartedly in the quantum field of NOW.⁣

You automatically become a healer without paper-based certification, broken people are attracted to you.⁣ ⁣

Stage 5: The Bored Enlightenment⁣

You get bored with enlightened state of acceptance, of catching and releasing every now and now and -boring- peace has become your natural state… ⁣

You get bored and you have free will to choose to play the fun game lightly dominated my collective ego again with ease and Grace.⁣

Seeing couple everywhere, you allow your self to feel loneliness & maybe meditate to attract a mate because…⁣

even Eckhart Tolle has Kim Eng. 😜

OR you smile deeply and see that you, your essence, your I AM Awareness are in the couples you see as well. And you are content with Singularity & accepting duality as a temporary projections and play of Maya. ⁣


*Repeat Level 1-4 again if needed and wanted, because Grace is always welcoming you hOMe.⁣ #awakenEvolveAndShine 🦋🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💚 I AM you you are me we are ONE. I AM loving YOU all :’) ♾💚♾🦋

#awakeningYoga #WeareOne #สังคมตื่นรู้ #โยคะตื่นรู้ #โยคะไม่หลงทาง #หลงทางก็ไม่ผิดแล้วไง #ตื่นรู้ไปไหน #nonduality #AwakeningYogaBook #AwakeningYogaTheBook #iAMyouYouAreMeWeareOne

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