How to: Fearless Heart Mudra (Healing Your Heart)

Have you, my dear Awakening Yogis, heard of “Mudra” before?

“Mudra” (Sanskrit) is a symbolic seal or gesture performed with hands and even the whole body.

To my direct personal experience, personal reality and personality, I feel them blissfully and allow them to accelerate divine loving Awareness in taking over powerfully into blissful state, or sometimes I call it shifting into “blissful goosebumps” and lighter rainbow body field.

There’s a subtle healing power in “Asanas with your Hands” for yourself and others in your radius.

This is the VDO yoga tutorial for Courageous/ Fearless Heart Mudra or “Abhaya Hridaya Mudra

Abhaya Hridaya Mudra

abhaya = fearless

hridaya = heart

mudra = seal


  • Connects you to your heart’s truth
  • Builds courage to follow your heart
  • Rejuvenates one’s vital force
  • Reduces fragmented thoughts
  • Reduces scattered energy
  • Imparts a powerful sense of vitality and calm

* In this video below, there’s an awakening mudra flow as well. Feel free to try these awakening yoga mudra flow and hold the Fearless Heart Mudra for 1-3min in your meditation and FEEL the energetic shifts in the heart chakra.

I unconditionally love YOU with all my heart.

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