NOW in Bangkok : Open for Private Session Booking

Contact me for private sessions of: Holistic Healing Yoga, Private Yoga, Handstand programs, Gymnastic rings bodyweight training, Meditations, Sound Healing, Essential Oil Yoga, Spidey Yoga for kids, Meditation, Spiritual counseling, Energy healing, Doterra Essential oil massage, or Holistic Healing (Reiki or Universal chi healing with yoga and massage) via WhatsApp 66 95 286 4163 or IG direct @breathewithbank

Welcome Home

Welcome to Awakening Yoga With Bank.

I’ve been waiting for you all my life :’)

You are here NOW, not by accident.

You deserve inner peace, love, and liberation from fear and pain like never before. If you are done with suffering and collective pain of humanity and you are into esoteric, mystical and non-religious yoga, meditation, this is a place for YOU. I AM here for and with you.

I’m so honored that you are here, in the now with me. You have been through so much. I love your past pain, I love your sadness, I even love the tears you didn’t cry. I love every facet of who you are, even we may have never met before!

May you re-member who you are. You are worthy of love and light.

Know that you are of Divine. The Divine, awakening light or buddha nature, or whatever you want to comfortably name is within you, waiting to be rediscovered.

You and your ego are so loved. Much LOVE. Please come HOME. I’ve been waiting for you for thousands of years of NOWs :’)

Please consider breathing with me via YouTube VDOs of free yoga and meditation tutorial and subscribing to my social media channels as well as my charity project with “@SpideyYoga”

Thank you for being

…born, loved, whole, holy and complete.

Let’s awaken, evolve, and shine:)



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